Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gluten Free Homemaker

Fall is upon us. At least I think so. The weather man says we could be back in the 80's soon but we all know how inaccurate they are! LOL!

I got an email today from the GlutenFreeHomemaker.com She is having guest bloggers this month to introduce squash recipes. I am so excited. I love squash and am looking forward to getting some new yummy recipes.

Don't forget to check out the links at the bottom of my blog. Also, look for a new lentil recipe soon. I made some yummy lentil and wild rice soup a couple of days ago. Problem is I need to start writing down what I put in so it can be replicated for others! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Making a Habit

How do you make a habit. Not only out of doing a GF diet, but at doing a daily post.
I thought being a stay at home mom would give me plenty of time and incentive to get on here every day and blog about my diet experiences. Wow, who knew how lazy I can be?!?!

Was on vacation for about a month. I did really good until the end. I had some gluten because it was just easier to hit the Burger King and get a cheeseburger than to try and find something GF. I paid for it. By the time we were home my knees were killing me and I started having restless leg syndrome again. I am now GF again and starting to feel better again already.

My hardest struggle so far has been finding a GF bread that I like. I refuse to pay $6 a loaf all the time for bread. Udi's is really good but the price is crazy. I found a recipe on gingerlemongirl.com that is really good. Hubby figured out that adding a little more water helped it rise and be a bit lighter too.

I am just disgusted with the whole health food industry. I can buy a can of cream of mushroom soup from campbell's for around a buck. To get GF I have to spend $2.99. You can not tell me it costs almost $2 just to put rice flour instead of wheat flour. The health food industry really needs to make healthier foods more affordable. I am going to make my own mushroom soup and freeze it for my favorite chicken and rice casserole.

Well, time to look for some more recipes and take care of the twins. Have a great day!!