Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Losing weight

I have to say I did not start this journey to lose weight.  I had a gastric bypass in January of 2001 because I weighed 400 pounds.  I never changed the way I ate.  I continued eating high carbs and low protein.  Even though with the gastric bypass I cannot eat very much sugar at one time, I learned to work around it by eating a little sugar throughout the day.  Needless to say, I lost down to around 215 by May of 2003 when I married my current husband.  After battling infertility and finally giving birth to our beautiful twin girls by embryo adoption (a totally different story) I then had a hysterectomy in 2007.  That did it.  Forced menopause!  I gradually began to gain weight all the way up to 257!!!  Scary.

Back to this year and the new healthy eating me.  I was in terrible health.  My left knee was in extreme pain and I could hardly walk up stairs or hills.  My right foot was in pain.  I was going to physical therapy, I was constantly exhausted and was barely able to take care of my home and family.  Enter Mom.

Mom came to stay just before Christmas 2009.  After several months of not eating right we began our slow journey.  We followed the BODYECOLOGY DIET by Donna Gates.  I began to feel better and lose some weight.  However, I only lasted 2 weeks!!!!!  Crazy.  Eat better, feel better.  You think I would have learned.  Nope.  Went right back to eating junk and processed foods.

May 2010.  I went to see a local Chiropractor named Dr. Alain Salas.  He started me on my road to recovery.  Through Applied Kinesiology he diagnosed me as Gluten Intolerant and that I have a fungus in my thyroid.  I began by a 10 day anti-candida diet and then moved to my current 90 days grain free.  I am now on supplements to rid myself of my fungus and help my thyroid.  Oh, and by the way, through another doctor I am now on bio-identical hormone replacement!!

My knee is hardly ever painful anymore and the same with my foot.  I have more energy and a better attitude (most of the time!! LOL).  But as an added bonus, I have lost 40 pounds this year and 20 of that since going Gluten Free.

Well, guess that gets everyone up to date on my journey.  Mom is talking about going home in September and I will once again have to do the laundry!  I am grateful she was here and Praise God for her help and love.  I am glad she pushed me into getting on a healthy track through diet that got me off all prescription medication.  I am glad I am gaining the energy to take care of my home and family again.

Side note:  be sure to check out the other blogs I am following for great GF recipes!  Just scroll down a little after this post!

Have a great day everyone!  God Bless!

My help come from the LORD, who made heaven and earth!  Psalm 122:2

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