Monday, July 12, 2010

What an experience. All these years I have been gluten intolerant and didn't even know it. So many health problems, so many trips to conventional MD's and no one ever caught it until I went to a Holistic Chiropractor. I have been on a candida diet and am now on grain free for 90 days. Starting in September (I can't wait) I am just Gluten Free! Can't wait to try all the great recipes I have found.
I am changing the whole kitchen to GF. If hubby wants gluten he has to eat it somewhere else! I want the kids to be healthy and hubby too. I know one of my twins is a carb addict so going GF for them is going to keep them healthier too.

I am looking forward to this journey. I hope I end up with a blog that can help others become healthier too. Once I figure out this whole blogging thing I hope to add links to the other GF web sites I have found helpful!

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